Every time you visit your hairstylist; they always talk about how your hair porosity is the reason your hair is the way it is. You usually nod you head along; but we know none of that hair care mumbo-jumbo makes sense to you. So what is hair porosity anyway, and why should you care about it? Let us tell you:

What is Hair Porosity?

In layman terms, hair porosity is your hair’s ability to soak up and hold on to moisture. Now as we curly birds know, no two curls are the same; so the level of hair porosity is variable from person to person. Therefore, we must take it into account where we fall on the scale; low, medium or high, to determine our hair care regiment.

How Can We Determine our Hair Porosity?

You don’t need a hair specialist to determine your hair porosity level. You can do it at home in three of the standard ways:

Stand the Strand to Test!

Take a tiny section of your curly strands from different parts of your head and stretch it out. Next take your thumb and forefinger to the tips of the strands and move upwards towards the roots. If your strands feel dry and coarse or break during the process; you have high hair porosity. If your fingers glide smoothly; that indicates medium porosity; and if the fingers glide too easily your hair porosity is low.  

Test the Fallen

Take any fallen strand and drop it in a glass of water, if the strand sinks immediately your hair porosity level is high. If it takes its sweet time, you’re sporting a medium level hair porosity and if it doesn’t sink like the titanic, the hair porosity level is low.

Testing the Waters

Another way to determine your hair porosity via water is to actually dampen a section of your hair and watch it absorb the droplets in real time. If the moisture is soaked in swiftly you’re sporting high porosity levels and if they continue to sit on the surface you might be suffering from low hair porosity levels.

Although the ideal hair porosity is medium, but we don’t live in an ideal world! Therefore we must make do with what we have and make the best of it! Our curls our different therefore their care should be different as well. This is why we bring the African American and multicultural hair the hair tool that it deserves. No matter where your curls lie on the hair porosity spectrum. Our MC Professional Hot N Happy Hair Tools with secure combs are professional ethnic hair tools that can dry multicultural hair in no time! Get your hands on the best curly hair dryer today!