As warmer days usher in, it seems like the perfect time to try out some updos for your long, glorious mane. Whether you’re a guy trying their luck with the perfect “man bun" or you’re a woman simply wanting to switch up your look, here are some quirky hairdos that work for all kinds of ethnic hair.

1. The Twist

When it comes to hair protection, braids are your best friend. However, braids don’t have to be boring! Twisting your hair can allow you to experiment with loads of updos! You can choose to keep it thick at the top and make it look like you just got a fresh Mohawk! Ladies can also experiment with crown braids that get plaited upward for maximum volume.

2. The Head Band Style

Ethnic men and women have long worn head coverings so this isn’t something new. However, when it’s too hot for you to pull through with a hairstyle, your head bands can allow you to experiment with various looks! We personally love a big Afro with a centred head band! You can easily make the hairstyle with our Mc-Hot-N-Happy professional hair styling tool. It’s super easy on ethnic hair and allows you to dry and untangle your hair without damaging it!

3. Double The Bun

Yes, we're going back to our roots with the Bantu buns. You can always alter the look by adjusting the amount of hair you take in your hand. We suggest you give our customized styling picks a try. They’ll let you part your hair without any hassle!

4. Cornrow Fades

This style works amazing on both men and women. All you need to do is reverse your regular cornrow action and pull your hair centre forward instead of back. Ethnic individuals with short hair will particularly love this updo because they can pull their hair forward and let it rest on their forehead like spunky fringes.

5. Colored Ponytail

Who said ponytails are basic? With the power of your mega curly hair, a thick pony can be the most fashionable accessory you wear. Coloring the ends of your hair a nice Ombre can make your hairstand out. Men with shoulder length hair can adjust the height of their pony tail to emphasize their facial features. Those with a wider hairline are going to be able to work well with this updo.

Ready to try out some cool updos? Go at it with our professional hair drying and styling tool. It’s a unique product that’s made specifically for multicultural hair so managing your hair doesn’t have to be a hot mess, like it used to be!