One of the main problems with having multicultural hair is that you can’t seem to find products (or time) to take care of your hair. It’s easier to tie it in a bun during the week than it is to wash, condition, and blow-dry it.

It takes a while for your hair to dry in the morning. And the equally-hard part is finding the right shampoo and conditioner!

But don’t worry. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Use these tips to prevent damage and tame your afro hair:

Don’t Settle For Just About Any Shampoo

First things first, don’t just settle for any kind of shampoo you find at your local superstore. Make sure to read the label properly.

Different types of hair need different types of treatment. Your shampoo isn’t just to wash the dirt out of your hair. It’s there to nourish the roots so that your hair can become healthier.

Make sure to go with a paraben-free shampoo. If you expose your tresses to chemicals, you’ll end up damaging your scalp and roots. This’ll lead to dry hair.

Go with organic shampoos that are created specifically for multicultural hair. Make sure they’re organic and full of ingredients that won’t damage your curls.

Hydration Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to afro and curly  hair, hydration is the key to maintaining those beautiful tresses! So make sure you oil your hair twice a week. This’ll provide the right nutrients to your hair, all while keeping it nourished, hydrated, and moisturized.

Don’t Tie Your Hair When Wet

It’s understandably tough dealing with wet hair that just won’t dry in the morning. And when you have an important meeting to run to, the last thing on your mind is drying your hair. So you tie it in a top-knot, hoping it’ll dry on its own. It will. But it’ll also damage your curls!

Your hair is prone to breakage when it’s wet. And when you tie it in a bun or even a ponytail, the elastic band tugs at your roots.

For Men: Don’t Air Dry

One of the biggest mistakes men make is air drying their hair. Make sure to use the t-shirt trick so that when your hair dries, it’s not dry and brittle.

Secondly, not only is leaving your hair wet a bad idea (thanks, flu!) it can also lead to hair loss. As mentioned previously, when you brush wet hair, the brush starts tugging at the roots.

If you want to dry your hair properly without damaging it, go with a blow-dryer that is specially designed for afro hair.

This is where we come in!

Our MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs is a one-of-its-kind hair dryer and styling tool that ensures your beautiful hair stays safe and looks great! It’s perfect for both men and women because it’s designed specifically for multicultural hair. To learn more about our professional hair dryer with a comb attachment, get in touch with us today!