GREAT NEWS! A hair tool that will help create stylish and beautiful natural hair. The "One of a Kind " 1st new professional natural hair tool that eliminates any apparatus needed to secure the (combs/cones) attachments. This tool will assist women and men in styling natural hair easily and quickly. Give your natural hair the specific care it needs to maintain its natural beauty.

While other dryers just dry the hair, they are not designed to style and care for specific ethnic natural hair for people of color. Envisioned by this multicultural owned business is to research and develop future ethnic hair tools for women and men natural hair care worldwide.

The MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool comes in two (2) colors:

Tool – Black
  • Combs/Cones - Cool Grey
  • Stand - Black
Tool – Brown
  • Combs/Cones - Tan
  • Stand - Brown

ATTACHMENTS (Heat resistant and non-breakable)

There are three (3) Combs in various sizes for styling hair:

Comb #1
Perfect for drying natural, kinky, coarse or curly hair
Comb #2
Perfect for drying weaves, perms, natural, kinky, coarse or curly hair
Comb #3
Perfect for drying and styling Afros, natural curly hair, lifting instead of making straight large natural curls while preserving the curly and natural style
All Combs
  • Use to detangle hair
  • Vented bases maximize intense low heat
  • Use to dry hair with less heat damage
  • Use to style and smooth hair
  • Designed to help style long, short or natural and curly hair quickly and easily.

    There are two (2) Cones in various sizes for styling hair:

    Cones #1
    Perfect for drying long natural, curly, coarse, dreadlocks and kinky hair
    Cone #2
    Perfect for drying short natural, curly coarse, dreadlocks and kinky hair
    All Cones
    • Focuses on specific part of the hair/scalp to dry without disturbing the natural and preferred style
    • Concentrates airflow for precise styling of natural and kinky hair
    • Cones directs the low heat for more gently blow-outs of natural hair and Afros.
    • The extended ends of the cones can be used to dry the hair and help preserve the hair’s natural curl pattern and free flow style.
      Combs and Cones
      • Turn the tool on without an attachment and dry hair for 1 to 2 minutes…add desired accessory/attachment
      • Begin drying the hair at the roots always moving in the direction that enables the hair to dry evenly
      • Make sure to keep the dryer at an upward 90-defree angle from the scalp throughout the drying process to enable the heat to diffuse throughout the natural hair
      • Finish by drying the end of the hair in a circular motion over the entire head
      • Cones are secured into the nozzle of this tool making then stay in place while in use
      • DO NOT use tool or irons on hair that has not been towel-dried. This will boil the water on the hair, rupturing strands. USE LOW HEAT