Let’s just get one thing out of the way: curly hair takes time  to manage but it sure looks incredible!

As African American and Multicultural people you’re already aware of the perks of having curly hair: beautiful locks, thick hair, and the liberty to get creative with hairstyles.

But you’re also aware of the cons: damaged, tangles-prone, and unruly hair.

And as if that’s knot enough, it’s also difficult finding products that can help manage your hair better. It’s difficult finding the right shampoo and conditioner.

So, what can you do to ensure your luscious curls retain their luster and beauty?

Get Rid Of That Brush

We say, brush aside your temptation to brush your hair after a shower! Brushing wet hair is the main reason for hair breakage. Your hair becomes vulnerable when it’s damp. When you use a brush, it uses extra force to pull the strands of your hair from the roots.

Instead, we recommend using a tooth comb or special combs that are designed just for multicultural hair.

Co-Washing Is Your Best Friend!

When you’ll start co-washing your hair, you won’t just improve the health of your hair; you’ll also wash away your worries of hair fall.

Co-washing means using conditioner and shampoo at the same time. But don’t go for just any kind of shampoo and conditioner. Go for one that’s anti-damage, paraben-free and designed specifically for afro hair.

Use A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Give your hair the spa day it deserves! By using a hair mask at least once every two weeks, you can restore the shine to your natural curls in no time.

Go with an organic hair mask that will nourish the roots of your hair and soothe the scalp as well. We recommend going with a Shea butter hair mask. Shea butter is rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B-complex. It’ll hair repair any damage or split ends you might have.

Also make sure to go for a trim every 3 months to get rid of dead hair. This’ll allow your curls to shine and grow healthily.

Now that there’s no confusion, we’ve got the solution!

Our MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs is a one-of-its-kind hair dryer and styling tool that ensures your beautiful hair stays safe and looks great! It’s perfect for both men and women because it’s designed specifically for multicultural hair.To learn more about our professional hair dryer with a comb attachment, get in touch with us today!