Experiment and walk down the aisle of your local drugstore and a supermarket with a pencil and a notebook. Write down the number of hair care products you can find in the aisle—is it less than three among what seems like a thousand?

From treatment for dry hair to hair masks for oily hair, you will find everything there can be found for hair, except for one glaring omission—Black hair care products.

If there was an award for the most overlooked category in the fashion industry, Black hair care would win it.

As if being oppressed wasn’t enough, Black women are now being made to bear the brunt of lack of innovation in the hair care industry with regards to Black hair.

Let’s take a look at how the fashion industry in America can benefit from investing in Black hair care.

The Gaping Gap in the Hair Care Market

The state of the Black hair care industry

The state of the Black hair care industry

For Black women, who want to find products to suit their natural hair and curls, there are very few easily accessible options.

Other than high-end products, there are no drugstore hair care products that Black women can use to maintain the texture and volume of their hair—right now, all they can do is sleep on silk pillows to retain the natural moisture in their hair all night or visit a hair salon extensively to receive regular treatments for their hair.

According to market research conducted, it’s estimated that the Black haircare market in the United States can generate at least $2.5 million—and yet, we don’t see any well-established brands trying to explore this market niche.

The Natural Hair Movement

Individualism and the increasing call for equality for Black people have given rise to several resistance campaigns, one of which is the Natural Hair Movement.

Ever since the period of slavery in America, African-American women have been ridiculed and ostracized for their hair to the extent that they had to eliminate this crucial aspect of their identity to fit in. This repression that has lasted for more than a few centuries is now becoming too overwhelming for a modern Black woman to bear.

As such, the Natural Hair Movement seeks to promote multicultural ideas of beauty to shatter Eurocentric beauty ideals that have been embraced and ingrained in the global North.

Women are now embracing their natural curls and afros by regarding these hairstyles as a part of their cultural identity to make fashion statements.

The current leading contender in the Black hair care industry

Very few hair care brands have realized the impact the Natural Hair Movement can have on this gaping gap in the hair care industry–except one.

MC-Hot-N-Happy has created a hair tool that’s specifically designed to solve long-standing problems caused by hairdryers and hair combs to Black women. The hair tool works on all types of multicultural hair textures and is perfect for Black women who want to embrace their natural hair and shed the expectations that society has for them.

If you’re looking for a way to flaunt your beautiful Black hair unapologetically, get the MC-Hot-N-Happy professional hairdryer today! We offer a creative hair tool and professional hairdryer with a comb for natural Black hair. Order yours online here.