As you walk down the streets of your hometown, if you’re not making heads turn with your hair game; you’re not playing right! Multicultural ethnic hair may be coarse but the one thing it ain’t is boring! Step up your game, with easy-to-do yet totally fresh hairstyles for your curls!

Sleek Top-Knot

This Afro up do is our favorite. It’s sleek, practical and really easy. All you need is some good quality curly hair gel, a tail comb and some basic but sturdy hair ties. Dip both your hands in the hair gel and comb your fingers through your curls from the scalp to the middle of the hair length. You should be moving upwards with your technique. Once you have your hair on the top, secure it with a hair tie. Next use your comb to even out the edges and apply the gel one last time to hold it up. And voila! You’re ready to paint the town red!

Short Hair + Low Fade

Times will come and go but this classic would always be a winner. It’s a sleek low-fade razor cut on the sides with a low cut gelled Afro. The look is great for a dapper night out! This hairstyle is also gender-neutral and goes with all types of formal and informal attires. You can’t go wrong with this one!


‘Fro with a Color
Not to say your Afro can ever be boring. But every once in a while spicing it up with some hues can highlight your springs and give them a vibrant personality. Our personal favorites are caramel and ombre, but you’ve got a wide palette in front of you; paint away!

Old-School Cornrows with a Twist!

Cornrows have been making straight haired people envy curls for centuries now; so there’s no reason why you should stop braiding them today. They’re funky, cool and really practical. You can accessorize them with beads, curl rings and clippers. Let them loose or wear them in a pony tail; the possibilities are endless!

The best part about ethnic, multicultural hair is that you can never run out of options to style them. So, get in formation, my people; cause you slay!

No matter which hairstyle you choose for you curls, if you don’t have professional ethnic hair tools, like an African American hair tool in hand; you’re not going to get the best results. In fact, you might end up damaging your locks. Don’t take that risk. Get your hands on the MC Professional Hot N Happy Hair Tools with Secure Combs and protect your curls so they remain happy and healthy! For more curly hairstyles, you can visit our blog.