Your hair is an important part of your identity. How you choose to carry your natural curls defines your personal style and amplifies your self-image.

Wondering how you can revamp your hairdo this season? Here are a few ideas.

Mini Afro

Not everyone can pull off an afro. A mini afro, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether.

The hairstyle looks good on men of all ages, be it teenagers in high schools, twenty-year-olds, or men in their late forties. Regular conditioning and use of the right hair care tools can keep your hair healthy and refined, as well as prevent breakage. 


Cornrows are a particularly common hairstyle among black rapperswho have all donned this hairdo at some point and carried it off with style.

The hairdo isn’t just reserved for musicians and celebrities, though. It’s also a popular option for youngsters and even school-going kids. Cornrow cuts allow for your hair to grow easily and enable a smooth transition onto another hairstyle. This makes it especially popular among men of all ages, particularly those who like to experiment with their hair.

Short & Simple

This is the hairdo you’d opt for when you want something that’s longer than a buzz cut, but as easily manageable. The short & simple hairdo allows for your textured hair to be trimmed to a moderate length, making it appear under control.  

As a low-maintenance hairstyle, not only does it give you a neat and crisp look but also requires minimal effort for styling. A dab of moisturizer and a quick brush through your shortened curls and you’re good to go!  

Medium Curls

For black men who wish to flaunt their natural curls, this is the way to go! The hairdo requires minimal care and is a great way to keep the natural locks healthy and nourished as well. Unlike the short & simple haircut, here you get to keep your longer curls.

A slight trim every few months ensures that there are no split ends or knots in your hair. You can even have your curls trimmed in layers for an enhanced look!

The Box Fade

Here’s a hairstyle that will make you remember the golden days of hip hop and blues. With the iconic box fade hairdo, get ready to experience a rush of nostalgia with the signature flat-top hairstyle.

A typical box fade hairdo comprises an approximately 3–5 cm vertical hair length with a well-defined flat and rectangular top. This gives the hair a box-like appearance. While it has been sported by celebrities for years, the hairstyle has recently made a comeback partly thanks to Jimmy Butler’s iconic modern version of the box fade.

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