Curly hair is a sight to behold. Vivacious locks can change your entire look and make you seem more confident and appealing—naturally.

We live in a world where all things natural are a rarity. However, ethnic women and men are blessed with some of the most beautiful hair textures that don’t need any fancy products to style.

All you really need is a device that is made specifically for your hair type. Something like the MC-Hot-N-Happy Hair’s professional hair styling tool. This product comes with secure styling combs that allow you to dry and dress your hair anyway you like! It’s so much more convenient and less damaging than those worrisome ironing wands.

You can use the hair drying tool to enhance the natural volume of your curls. Check out some of our favorite tips to help you bring those bouncy spirals to life!

 1. Keep your bob bottom heavy

Ethnic hair isn’t just curly, it’s gravity-defying curly. That’s probably why so many of us are afraid to go for the bob haircuts, lest they look like a bird’s nest.

One way you can let your feisty curls embrace the bob is to go bottom heavy. The volume at the end of your hair can weigh it down and can give you amazing hair texture!

2. Go back to basics with shoulder length ringlets

For all the minimalism loving women out there, a shoulder length haircut can look stylish and chic with tight coils weighing them down. Keep your hair parted in the center to give it a more polished appeal and you’ll be good to go in just a matter of minutes!

3.Try some tousled layers

Lightly brushed loose curls are the ideal summer look. Tousled layers look especially good on ethnic women since they know exactly how to embrace tons of layers in their hair and make it look completely natural.

Pro Tip:If you’re using the MC-Hot-N-Happy professional hair styling tool,don’t forget to order a custom hair pik for yourself! It’ll make the curl styling job so much easier for you!

4. Experiment with baby bangs

If there’s one thing that connects all multicultural women, then it’s the struggle to wear sleek and straight bangs! Well, we're glad that trend is over because baby bangs are so much more doable! Plus, the cropped fringe gives your entire face a makeover without you having to compromise much on the rest of your hair length!

 Ready to liven up your curls? Get the MC-Hot-N-Happy professional hair styling tool and work effortlessly with ethnic hair!