Curly hair can get real knotty; especially this time of the year. It’s humid and damp which makes your already natural hair go ballistic with knots!

But there’s no reason to let the knots in your brain come loose over hair knots! In fact, let’s weave the perfect plan that makes sure your hair does NOT knot again!

Don’t Wash them Straight!

Since most of us were taught to lather up shampoo right at the top or crown of our head and piling the hair up in that one place while washing, there’s no surprise many of us still do that. This is the single most straight-hair thing you can do to your flamboyant curls! For us ‘outlaws’ it’s better to wash hair in a downwards motion and shampoo every section separately.

In a perfect world, all hair would be washed equally; irrespective of their ‘straight-ness’. But, alas, it’s a twisted and knotted world and we must wash our hair differently!

Tangled is Not our Favorite Disney Movie!

Curly hair is a gold mine for tangles and knots. Therefore, you must detangle your hair completely, both before going to bed and before showering. The best kind of detangling is done by your own fingers so just take your hands gently through your lock and scratch out any tangles that bar your way. Detangle separate sections; one section at a time and then take a wide comb and cruise through your curls to make sure no tangles are left.

Oil is our Best Friend

Oil is great for all hair types, but it’s especially miraculous for curly hair that’s prone to knots. After you wash your hair, apply some oil to your wet curls, let it sit for a while and then rinse it out. You can even choose to leave it, if you’re planning on braiding your hair.

Use a Professional Ethnic Hair Tools

You can go about applying the CG method and caring for your Afro day and night but if your don’t use the right hair products and tools for your curls they’ll end up tangled no matter what you do!

So, get your hands on an African American hair dryer like MC Professional Hot N Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs so you can stay tangle free all day long and try some creative hairstyles that are up on our blog!