Box braids are a signature style for several Black men and women alike. Not only do they have historical connotations related to the African-American identity, but they also work as a protective hairstyle to maintain the healthiness and natural texture of Black hair.

Since there are not many products available in the market that cater to the needs of Black hair, let’s take a look at how you can take care of box braids, to keep them looking fresh, healthy, and utterly glamorous!

How to Take Care of Box Braids: A Guide

Maintain your nighttime regimen

Maintain your nighttime regimen

Even the protective style needs protection to be able to perform its function. Creating and abiding by a nighttime regimen can help you keep your hair healthy and moisturized, without having to worry about dealing with frizz the next morning.

Cover your braids with a silk scarf to protect its edges from the rough texture of your pillowcase. This helps you prevent any breakage in your hair and also saves you the trouble of sleeping with uncomfortable protective things on your head, such as caps or bonnets.

Moisturize your scalp as often as you can

There’s no such thing as moisturizing too much when it comes to Black hair.

The best part about maintaining box braids is that you require a high-end moisturizer for your scalp since the structure of the braids is already keeping the natural moisture of your hair safe and intact.

But just to give it a little helping hand, fill up a spray bottle with water and spray your box braids and scalp with it. You can also add some hydrating essential oils in it, such as shea butter or jojoba oil for some added effect.

Wash your braids once in every two weeks

Your box braids may be keeping your natural hair safe, but that doesn’t mean that they’re resistant to dust, grime, pollution, sweat, and oil buildup on your scalp.

If you don’t want your braids to stink, it’s best to wash them once every two weeks. This will help you keep them clean and also won’t harm your hair due to excessive exposure to harmful chemicals in shampoos.

Avoid tying your hair up all the time

While updos add an immediate hint of style to any of your looks, its best to avoid tying up your box braids frequently. Tying up your box braids for prolonged hours can put a strain on your roots and compromise the integrity of your hair.

The same logic can be used to answer a question most people ask—how long can you keep box braids tied in? Wearing them for six to eight months is ideal because any time beyond that can be harmful to your natural hair.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your box braids looking fresh and healthy, opt for a professional hair tool that can do the job easily for you. MC-Hot-N-Happy has a professional hair styling tool that can maintain the textures of your natural hair.  Our hairdryer for African American hair and multiethnic hair comes with a comb. Get yours today!