When it comes to severely heat damaged hair, there’s no reversing time.

Using heat styling tools like flat irons and blow dryers too often will gradually lead to hair damage, making your curls lose shape and look unruly.

While you can’t reverse severe heat damage, there are steps you can take to heal your hair to a certain extent, putting a stop to further damage and making it look smooth, lustrous, and bouncy again.

Try these ideas to rehabilitate your curls after a heat-styling binge.

Cleanse With A Moisturizing Shampoo Or Co-Wash

The first and most important step when recovering from heat damage is to make sure that your hair is well-moisturized and nourished.

The worst thing you can do to damaged hair is cleansing it with harsh shampoos that strip away its natural oils, making it dryer and more brittle. Top that off with more heat, and you have the perfect recipe for follicular disaster.

In order to help your hair heal from damage and restore it to its natural state, switch out your regular shampoo with a moisturizing one. Better yet, try co-washing—a method to wash your hair without shampoo that uses only conditioners that are free from sulfates and silicones!

Washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo or co-washing makes sure your hair remains hydrated, restoring it over time.

Deep Condition Every Week!

If your curly hair is damaged, deep conditioning is your best friend!

When hair is constantly blow-dried or flat ironed, all the moisture is sucked out of it. Deep conditioning treatments provide your hair with instant intense moisture, immediately improving the look and feel.

These treatments also give brittle hair a lot of their strength and elasticity back by providing some much-needed nourishment.

In order to help your hair heal from damage, a weekly deep conditioning routine is highly recommended.

Hot Oil Treatments Every Once In A While

If your curls aren’t looking as bouncy as they used to, or lack their normal luster, good hot oil treatments might just do the trick. Treating hair with a warm concoction of nutrient-rich oils helps a great deal in restoring shine, luster, and softness.

A hot oil treatment even penetrates the shafts of your hair, nourishes the scalp, and helps hair heal from within. Different oils can be used to target different problem areas; for example, hair fall, roughness and a lack of definition in curl patterns.

Use A Professional Hair Drying Tool For Curly Hair

The last thing damaged curly hair needs is more damage. Eliminate this by using good quality, professional grade hair tools that are specifically created to suit the needs of natural hair.

Try MC Professional Hot-N-Happy professional hair tool. This tool eliminates the need for using tape or other hair accessories that curly-heads often need to use to properly dry their hair—leading to damage. It comes with a comb attachment and styling accessories with a ‘click and lock’ mechanism that make it easy to dry and style curly hair.

To order your tool, visit their website and fill out the order form. If you have any questions regarding the tool, feel free to contact them!