Love styling your textured hair but are afraid of the heat damage that comes with it? We’ve got you covered! With this simple and easy hairstyling guide, you can avoid brittle strands, dry hair, and split ends while continuing to use professional hair dryers.

Condition & Moisturize Your Hair

Before you can proceed to actually style your hair with heat, you need to first moisturize and deep condition your curls. Doing so nourishes your hair, strengthens the strands, and hydrates them. Moreover, deep conditioning also helps enhance your natural hair’s elasticity and results in a sleek final look.

In addition to nourishing your hair, deep conditioning and moisturizing also help counter dryness and brittleness. Be generous with the product usage and coat your strands and scalp with the conditioner to ensure maximum coverage.

Use a Reliable Heat Protectant

You can’t continue styling your hair using heat without using an authentic and reliable heat protectant. This is a chemical sprayed or applied onto your hair to protect it from the inevitable heat that’ll follow. The heat protectant doesn’t just coat the outer layer of your hair but also penetrates the hair cuticle and provides deeper protection.

Think of it as a sunblock for your strands. Just like you won’t step into the sun or go to the beach without generously applying sunblock on your skin, you mustn’t begin styling your hair with heat without first applying a protectant.

For kinky and textured hair, this is even more important as the hair type is more susceptible to heat damage. Whether you’re blow-drying your curls or straightening them, make sure you’ve sprayed on the protective hair product first!

Trim Your Hair Frequently

Here’s the thing: even if you regularly condition your hair and get protein treatments, you are still likely to have split ends. Unfortunately, no amount of hair care product can get rid of those damaged ends. To keep your natural hair as curly and healthy as before, you need to do away with the split ends every couple of months.

The only way to do this is by trimming your hair regularly. This will ensure that the damaged bits are removed and your curls can continue to grow healthily. Using heat to style your hair too frequently can increase the number of split ends, so make sure you’re taking the proper measures to restore the curliness and bounce of your natural hair!   

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