“The Jewel of a Hair Tools!” The MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs is one-of-a-kind and one of the first professional ethnic hair tool from our product webpage that enables people of color to dry and style their hair with ease. This new and creative hair tool has been professionally developed for natural ethnic hair. Welcome to our HAIR CARE family.

The MC Hair Tool eliminates the need of using tape or other accessories to secure combs and cones are on the conventional hair dryers which often end up detaching during use. This professional natural ethnic hair tool comes with styling accessories, that have “click and lock” attachments, which can be used to style natural ethnic hair in different ways.

The MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool has five (5) attachments, which has three (3) combs that allow you to manage your hair and style with ease. It also has two (2) cones that allow you to dry Multicultural and African American natural hair and curls while maintaining the natural texture and style.

The tool, when purchased, comes with one (1) comb attachment and the remaining attachments are sold separately which work well for drying and styling hair.

The Hair Tool embodies an innovative design and is perfect for use on all types of beautiful natural ethnic hair that range from natural curly hair, to Afros, dreadlocks and kinky and coarse hair textures. To ease access while styling, the MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool with Secure Combs also comes with a stand, on which the tool can be placed to stand upright. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.