Natural hair has long been subjected to racial biases and discrimination. So much so that many African Americans don’t quite know how to sport their kinky hair in its natural state and style it.

Wearing your natural hair down is easier than you think. With the right brushing technique, you can flaunt your curls in various hairstyles! Here’s what you need to do.   

Wet Your Hair

Attempting to detangle or brush your natural hair when its dry is a recipe for pain, frustration, and breakage. When it comes to brushing your natural hair, always make sure that you’re starting the process with the strands soaked. This is because by brushing it while it’s dry, you’re compromising on your hair’s elasticity. It won’t be able to properly stretch or bounce back when brushed, resulting in breakage.

Dampen your hair and use plenty of conditioner when you’re going to brush your hair. If you don’t want to soak your hair completely, then you can use a mixture of equal parts conditioner and water, which can then be sprayed on your curls. This will make detangling and brushing your hair easier.  

Section Your Curls

It can get overwhelming to tackle “big hair”. Even if you have a short hair length or loose curls, brushing the entire mane can seem to be a somewhat daunting task. Instead of going all in and brushing your strands left, rights, and center, make sure you’re sectioning your curls.

By parting your hair into smaller sections, you can ease the detangling process. Doing so also prevents you from creating any knots or detangling the same area over and over again. Using soft hair bands and loose clips, you can easily section your curls and attend to each section effectively. 

Use Your Fingers

Who said you only have to stick to brushes and combs? While these are necessary tools for styling and, well, brushing, you can start the detangling process by using yet another useful tool: your fingers.

You’ll be amazed to see how well you can detangle your strands with your fingers. In fact, if your curls are in a bit of a mess and are knotted up at different points, it’s recommended that you begin detangling with your fingers. Once you’ve sorted through the bigger tangles, proceed to using a brush or comb for a more refined effect. This helps in preventing hair breakage and loss.   

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