Textured hair is more than just a hair type. It also reflects the history of an entire community and is an integral part of their identity. Unfortunately, there have been way too many myths and misconceptions regarding natural hair that have discouraged African Americans from flaunting their locks.

Here are a few common myths you mustn’t believe in about textured hair.

You Shouldn’t Comb Natural Hair

Of course, you should! One of the most common misconceptions people have about textured and kinky hair is that it cannot and should not be brushed or combed. This stems from the fact that if you were to run a comb through your dry hair, not only would it be a painful process but will also result in breakage—of both, hair strands as well as comb teeth! This is in contrast with straight hair which can be easily untangled with a swift combing movement.

Here’s the thing: combing your natural hair while they’re dry isn’t recommended. You need to adopt a whole different styling technique when it comes to textured hair. Comb and part your natural hair just the way you want as long as the strands are soaking wet and have been conditioned!

Natural Hair Can’t Be Styled

Whoever said natural hair isn’t versatile simply didn’t know how to style them! There are dozens of ways you can carry your textured hair with pride, making your hairdo look trendy and chic.

For instance, you can twist together strands to make dreadlocks or wear them as braids adorned with cute little beads and clips. Then there are the many different afro hairstyles that fully flaunt your locks. If you prefer having short hair, then box fade, short crop, or cornrow hairdo can meet your needs.

The choices are endless when it comes to styling natural hair. All you need to have is knowledge regarding the various hairstyles, willingness to experiment, and the right set of hair products and styling tools!

Naturally Curly Hair Doesn’t Grow Much

Again, this is a misconception people tend to have about African American hair. It may seem like your hair isn’t growing beyond a certain length or taking too long to grow, but the truth is far from it. What actually happens is that the shape of your curls and spirals makes it difficult to detect a visible hair growth.

Research has shown that on average, our hair grows about 6 inches each year. The coiled nature of your hair may make it appear as if your hair isn’t growing out, but trust us, it’s happening. As long as you take proper care of your hair, you have nothing to worry about!

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