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The MC Hot-N-Happy Hair LLC company is a unique hair care product provider that offers a hair care tool for multicultural and African American natural ethnic natural hair texture for women and men worldwide. We believe that diversity means much more than representation when it comes to fashion, beauty, hair care and trends.

Our mission is to truly understand the hair care needs of all people of color so that they can celebrate their natural beauty and style bringing out the best of both.   Our website offers many hair care tip and Blogs for maintaining healthy natural hair.

Our hair is a distinct part of our self-identity and to be able to style it with comfort, embracing its texture and feel, is what makes many of us feel confident…when we look good, we feel good!  Our identity is part of the brand we create for ourselves and our ethnic hair only draws attention to what we love the most about our culture.

With our multicultural hair care tool and hair care tips provided by MC Hot-N-Happy Hair LLC, our aim is to give our customers confidence by recognizing our natural hair culture and care.   Our goal is to provide a tool that is made specifically for people from diverse cultures and backgrounds worldwide.  With our ergonomically, light weight, maximized heat, designed multicultural hair tool and accessories, we want our growing clientele to know that we truly understand the importance of having the right kind of tool for natural ethnic hair care down to the last strand.

Our new patented Multicultural Professional Hair Tool is the first hair care tool designed specifically with built-in features that make it the optimum choice to effectively dry ethnic natural hair. As a professional tool, the MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool is the ideal choice for salons and consumers worldwide, as it has a unique stand that allows the tool to sit upright, providing easy access during hair styling.  This tool gives the best results on natural curls and is an excellent choice for drying all types of natural curly hair.