As common as hair breakage is, not many of us know what to do about it. Some of us have accepted hair breakage as the new normal. Studies show that African American hair is usually the most susceptible to damage and tends to have a very fragile structure. However, there’s little research explaining why this is so.

Regardless, ethnic people already know the struggle of managing their beautiful curly locks. If you’re looking for some tips to reduce your hair breakage, here are some pearls of wisdom from our side.

1. Don’t wash your hair every day

Shampooing and conditioning your hair every day will cause your scalp to become dry and produce more sebum. Sebum makes the scalp oilier and that makes you want to wash your hair more frequently. It’s just a vicious cycle you don’t want to get sucked into. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is enough.

2. Use sulfate-free products

Sulfates are commonly used in hair care products. This creates lots of foam when you rub it. We often equate foam to better cleaning but really it just dries up our hair shaft and makes it more susceptible to breakage. Choose gentler shampoos; ones without sulfate in them.

3. Use conditioner religiously

Ethnic hair tends to be thick and easily curls up at the sight of moisture in the air. A good hair conditioner can lock in moisture into our hair strands keeping them soft and smooth for long periods. Condition your hair after each shampoo wash—just make sure it doesn’t get into your scalp!

4. Use the correct styling tools

Yes, there is a wrong and right styling stool. We’re not going to make a ridiculous demand for you to ban all heat and styling tools because let’s face it; the minute the humidity levels cross 60 percent we’re all scrambling for the hair straighteners. Use styling tools that come with low heat levels. Have you tried the MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tool yet? It styles your hair without damaging it and works well with all types of ethnic hair!