Your Afro is your crown jewel; quite literally! Therefore, you should always celebrate it with extra care and love and with the new multicultural “Jewel of a Hair Tool” you can make it happenHowever, most of us don’t cherish the wild beauty that sits on our heads and end up damaging it. If you don’t want your Afro to meet that horrible fate, you better step up your game this year and adopt the following Afro hair care habits to keep your curls intact and fresh!

Go Natural

Most of us use clipped nails and multiple rings to style our Afro. These are fatal for your Afro. Say no to all sorts of hair clippings and let the locks grow naturally. Your style is what you make it to be; you don’t need hair accessories to make a style statement. In fact, these hair rings and nails actually end up tearing up your delicate strands and weakening your roots. So this year, say no to hair accessories and adopt a natural flow!

The Pre-Wash Ritual

We get it, morning showers are quick and breezy and you really don’t have time to detangle every single hair strand before you wash your hair. But you have to set your priorities straight here; your curls are important! Set your alarm to 15 minutes early this year and use that time to carefully detangle your curls before you hit the shower. It’ll be a game changer for your hair and your personality!

Wrap it with Silk!

Wrapping your hair before going to bed is the oldest trick in the book to protect your hair and curls. But did you know wrapping your hair with cotton for over 8 hours can cause more damage to your hair than do it good? This year, use silk or satin for your head wraps. Silk is low on fiber count and can reduce and control hair frizz, giving your curls a natural bounce! The same is the case with satin. So tonight when you go to bed, make sure you reach for a silk or satin pillowcase or wrap for your curls.

Hair Maintenance is a Must!

If you’re trying new hairstyles with your curls don’t forget to maintain them. You can’t just twist your locks with some funky hairdos and then forget about them. Hairstyles like dreadlocks need constant care so make this year about maintaining complicating hairdos with care and love and the right products!

Using Hair Appropriate Hair Dryers

Your hair isn’t ordinary then why use ordinary hair tools for it? Get your hands on professional ethnic hair tools and multicultural hair products like our tools that can keep your Afro healthy and snap! Get your hands on our product now!