You’ve probably heard it all before: “trim your hair often if you want it to grow” or “ethnic hair grows slow.” These misconceptions have existed for as long as we can remember; so long, in fact, that we’ve accepted them as scientific truth.

But trust us when we say that there is a lot of fake news out there regarding hair growth for ethnic and multicultural hair. To help you differentiate fact from fiction, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest misconceptions that people have.

#1: Curly, Ethnic Hair Grows Slow

It is widely believed that ethnic hair grows really slow—which couldn’t be further from the truth. All healthy hair grows at a rate of ¼ to a ½ inch a month, regardless of texture.

The reason kinky, curly hair appears to grow slower is because of a visual illusion. The new growth tends to curl, shrinking your hair, making it look like it didn’t grow at all, or grew very little. You may be able to quantify the growth better when you straighten your hair.

Curly, Ethnic Hair Grows Slow

#2: Cutting Hair Frequently Will Make It Grow Faster

We’ve all heard it: “cutting an inch off your hair every 4 to 6 weeks will make it grow faster”—some more false news.

For one thing, doing that to ethnic hair will make it look shorter—and hacking off an inch every month regularly will take away a major chunk of your hair length.

Now, down to the facts.

Hair growth rate has nothing to do with the ends of your hair, because your hair grows from the root. So trimming the ends of your hair will have no effect on the follicles that are responsible for its growth.

However, what regular trims WILL do is improve the appearance of your hair by helping get rid of any dry and split ends; but even for this, intervals of 10–12 weeks are recommended.

#3: Protective Styles Make Your Hair Grow


Protective hairstyles may make your hair easier to manage, shield them from heat and sun damage; they will not help your hair grow.

The reason—as discussed before—is that hair grows from the follicles beneath your scalp and no hairstyle will affect the rate at which it grows.

Even though protective hairstyles keep heat damage at bay, if you want to flaunt your gorgeous locks, using professional hair tools that are specifically designed to style and dry curly hair, like the MC Professional Hot-N-Happy Hair Tools with Secure Combs can help you maintain your curls without damaging them!

If you have any questions regarding the tool, feel free to send them our way!